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A Girlfriend's Guide to Living A Life Fulfilled


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Your Guide To Mental Freedom!!!!

What woman doesn’t want it all? What woman doesn’t want to live out her dreams, create her own destiny, and have the life that she desires? That’s the goal right; to have a life that’s fulfilled.  
The problem is a lot of women get stuck in the midst of that pursuit. Instead of going after the things we want, we subconsciously hold on to things that keep us from moving forward.  
In this girlfriend’s guide Brittany Daniel gives relatable advice on how to get out of your own way, and obtain the life you desire. Sharing from personal and professional accounts, she addresses various "mental barriers" (doubt, fear, anger, hurt etc.) that can keep you from living in your full potential. Using straight forward dialogue she explains the link between having fulfillment in life, and being mentally free.  
Encouraging the practice of self-assessment the author forces you to look within yourself for insight into what might be keeping you from living a life filled with love, happiness, and all that other sh*t.